Nothing Says Elegant Like Cherry Hardwood Floors

Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Regardless which room in your home you install cherry hardwood, a few words will spring to mind. Elegant, classy, ornate, formal are just a few adjectives both your visitors and you will use to describe your new flooring. There aren’t many ways to make an otherwise casual room more formal. Perhaps your furniture against the light colored floor wasn’t conveying what you had hoped it might when you first bought your home. There’s no doubt that dark floors, especially cherry hardwood, has a way of communicating refined taste to all who enter.

Where is the Best Place for Your New Flooring?

One of the appealing features about cherry hardwood flooring is that it can be installed in any room of the house. Instantly change the tone of your stairs, your kitchen, your dining room or your bedroom. Part of why people opt for cherry hardwood is that while it indeed conveys refinement, it’s not a floor that’s relegated to any one room. Whether you want to make a statement to people as they walk through your front entrance or you would like to add elegance to your otherwise informal and too-casual dining room, cherry hardwood flooring can do that and more. Your dark Italian formal dining room never looked so distinguished.

In the kitchen, as distinct a floor as cherry hardwood is, it’s just as durable and stain resistant. Blending perfectly with your cherry cabinets, your formal kitchen table and chairs looked so awkward next to your light colored flooring, didn’t they? Turning casual into sophistication, your kitchen will take on a life of its own.

In your formal living room, your leather coaches that didn’t work well with that shag carpet left behind by the former owners, they’ll come alive and look brand new. Indeed leather and cherry hardwood have this way of being the perfectly married couple. As though one were designed to compliment the other, conveying style doesn’t get any easier than this.

Not As Expensive As You Might Believe

For less money than you might have imagined, it really is possible to, as the expression goes, "to have your cake and eat it, too". People assume that owning cherry hardwood flooring is out of their reach financially. Indeed it is more expensive than many of the hardwood floors, it is surprisingly more affordable than you may think.

As you are considering remodeling your home and haven’t quite decided how best to showcase your floors, there are a lot of things to bear in mind.

  • Durability
  • Complimenting your existing theme and furniture
  • Maintenance
  • Quality that lasts

Installing cherry hardwood flooring brings out the best of your furniture, requires little maintenance, is something you can install and not think about as long as you own your home and can withstand the beating a normal family can inflict on it. Cherry hardwood is the obvious choice!

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